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  • Sara
    Recently started to use the cream, but the result is already visible. I can say that there is enough money, but with this result, as such, has not received. Micinorm is there any problem to use does not occur. In general, I'm satisfied, so I recommend!
  • Lukas
    Had recovered micinorm about a month with breaks. The legs broke down, the army shoes, fungus lasted about a year. Cream helped me to remove inflammation and itching between the toes the skin after a week was up. And that's to kill the fungus in the nail took more time. But the result is impressive, cream kills unpleasant odor, nail grown pink healthy.
  • Stefanie
    I have fungus cleanup after their stay at the hotel. Began to spread. But micinorm turned out of inflammation very quickly.
  • Susanne
    Worthy cream against fungi, and I know what I'm saying, I tried other, when faced with this unpleasant problem. Now it is already in the past, but I can say that Micinorm I'm good so it helped. Initially, remove only the symptoms, but then the problem entirely passed. No returns and I'm so pleased with the result. The prices are adequate, you may buy!
  • Andrea
    I am constantly attending pool. Seems to be stuck fungus. He ran immediately, and it's only when creepy started to itch feet and nails have changed. Cream Micinorm recommended in a confidential conversation she's a good friend. Packaging — comfortable, with a dropper. To get you need a very small amount and rub well into the skin stand and to be applied to the nails. A vial, it took me less than 2 weeks of use. The unpleasant smell of this unique bio cream made immediately. In 3 days the skin on the legs stopped to peel off and whining. On the surface of the nail grow normal color, without damage. For a month, completely cured.
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